Latest PRO Rugby Roster Updates and Rumors

The supposed day of PRO Rugby’s roster announcement has come, but there was no announcement to be found. Outside of sharing a story from The Guardian, the league’s Facebook page was peculiarly silent compared to the flurry of announcements last week. I can think of a number of reasons for a possible delay, as things get messy when you are dealing with around 150 different contracts. It was mentioned in the comments yesterday that the league will be re-launching their website shortly; perhaps the rosters will come with that re-launch.…

Roster Day Eve: What We Know So Far About PRO Rugby’s Players

According to a reply from PRO Rugby on their Facebook page, the rosters for the five teams will be unveiled tomorrow. They have managed to play this close to the vest so far, only beginning to release a few of the bigger names in the past week, but a smattering of reports and social media posts have revealed the makeup of about a fifth of the league’s inaugural roster. Here is a compilation of those connections sorted by team, with some additional details about the players.

The PRO Rugby Jerseys Are Almost Good: Getting A Little Emotional About Fonts

PRO Rugby unveiled their uniforms for the upcoming season yesterday and the reactions have been mixed – a mix of “these are alright” and “these are terrible”, which aren’t exactly in-depth criticisms. I admittedly had low expectations knowing that none of the teams have a set identity and was pleasantly surprised that the jerseys weren’t completely bland. The designs give the teams a few elements, mainly the color schemes, from which they can build their identities.

Introducing “The Captain’s Run”

The journey towards professional American rugby has been a fascinating one. Rugby has been called the fastest growing sport in America for at least the past decade, and it seems logical that a nation obsessed with football could find a place for its sophisticated older brother. But for whatever reason, those with the money to make it happen have had no interest and those interested have let the opportunity slip away. Pro rugby has always been a few years away, contingent on any one group getting their house in order…