PRO Rugby Weekend Review: Aviators Continue to Crush It in Obetz

This past weekend’s match was the first of a three week stretch where teams will find themselves short-handed due to the international break. San Diego was clearly hit harder by their losses, while Ohio saw a few reinforcements come in and put in huge performances. Meanwhile in international play, the USA Eagles are still in camp but PRO Rugby players have already made an impact for Canada and Tonga.

PRO Rugby Weekend Review: Week 7

This week was a telling one for the California PRO Rugby teams as the league enters the international “break”. Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco all continued in the direction that their momentum was carrying them, for better or worse. San Francisco secured a breakthrough victory, Sacramento’s slip has finally shown in the standings, and San Diego proved that they are still the top challenger to the front-runner Denver.

PRO Rugby Weekend Review: First Things First

The words “history” and “historic” were thrown around an awful lot this weekend by PRO Rugby, its teams, and its supporters. It was obviously an important weekend for the league and for American rugby, obvious enough that the historic nature of the weekend’s matches didn’t need to be hammered home to the point where the word nearly loses its meaning. And yet, it was, and its a great sign that this is one of my few complaints for the weekend. (The other, and bigger, complaint is not having a way…