The Latest on the Austin Huns, Including A Potential Regional Pro League

The Huns Rugby Football Club of Austin, TX have made a lot of noise with their ambitions over the past few months, first by announcing their plans to go professional at the beginning of March and following up with news of their partnerships with French club Racing 92 and long time USA Eagles captain Todd Clever. Now it looks like we know the next piece of the puzzle: the competition in which they will be playing. A story from the Austin American-Statesman revealed that the Huns are taking part in…

Latest PRO Rugby Roster Updates and Rumors

The supposed day of PRO Rugby’s roster announcement has come, but there was no announcement to be found. Outside of sharing a story from The Guardian, the league’s Facebook page was peculiarly silent compared to the flurry of announcements last week. I can think of a number of reasons for a possible delay, as things get messy when you are dealing with around 150 different contracts. It was mentioned in the comments yesterday that the league will be re-launching their website shortly; perhaps the rosters will come with that re-launch….